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Jessy :)

Dani, you are rocking with the descriptions !!! The best way i can put this is, the way you are presenting your sets now feels so ALIVE. This two texts merging in one story are doing such a great job setting the mood!!! And let me say this, the text is transpiring CONFIDENCE. The poses descriptions, making sure your date to be lost on your curves, inviting then to have a closer look at your toes, thats some power on that text Dani. Your sets presentation are on a whole new level, thats super cool. Just so you understand the power of your words, you could even tell people who bought this sets on p4tre0n when it released, to read this story, let themselves flow with the words, and go check the pictures again, and they will have a new vibe with the set, a whole new tingle, years later from when they bought, and thats the power of words :) Oh, on a side note, IF you ever find yourself having trouble creating the text for a set youre going to sell, finding a reason to explain why youre posing, it gets easier if you can include someone on the scene. Its always easier to explain why youre gloriously bending over on a staircase (lol) for exemple, if you say youre doing that because theres someone with you admiring the view. Just to use as an exemple, the date set, instead of you posing on a mirror to be sure everything is ok with the look, it would be something like you invite your date to your home before going out, and youre posing to the person, asking their opinion on the look. And the same with the after date, you invited the person to come in, and all the bed stuff, instead of pics, was because the person was there. Just a different approach that can help situations where you cant explain why youre doing what youre doing :D Congrats again for all this, what youre doing is perfect. Get that confidence up, you rock !!!

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Danielle VedovelliCreator

Hi Jessy! Thank you for bringing another feedback! ❤️ Your first one really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did 🤗 I'm having tons of fun with the new description format!! 😁

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Dani, you're simply A REAL GODD3SS!! 😍 So nice (and I must admit... so s3xy too) "After d4te" set: the story lines, the photos, everything! You look with confidence in high levels, worthy of a woman like you. I have no words more than thankful ones and good vibes to you, for your work and the shining person you are. One of your past replies (I really appreciate the fact that you respond the comments of your fans ❤️) on a comment I made on Facebook 2 months ago, has finished with "Stay tuned 👀". Well, buying this set is my response for that 🫡 I must be sincere about my reactions to this set: instantly felt in l0v3 💓❤️‍🔥 get me on my kn3es before you 🙇🏻‍♂️ hahahahaha 🤷🏻‍♂️ Please receive a big and lasting hug from the north of Mexico (Monterrey), living Yor Forger (obviously 'cause of beauty 😅)

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Danielle VedovelliCreator

Muchísimas gracias! ❤️ 😭 I'm glad you liked it!!!

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Oi Dani. Então, eu não costumo escrever muito review/feedback, sou tímido demais XD, mas ai eu vim ver seu gunroad, e vi q tinha um pessoal comentando, ai pensei "pq não juntar minha voz ao coro? Eu fui seu patre0n por um tempo e acabei parando, e nisso eu não acompanhei as mudanças q rolaram nesses últimos anos. Eu vim ver seu Gunroad pq uns dias atrás vc mencionou ele no faceb00k então vim ver os sets date e after date, e que surpresa. Quero reforçar a opinião do pessoal ai, a maneira que vc ta apresentando seus sets pro seu publico ta bem melhor. A descrição do after date é excelente, no ponto que pela primeira vez em anos eu considerei voltar pro seu patre0n. Essa decisão que vc tomou de dar esse passo extra foi muito acertada. Já esta bom, mas talvez, deixar ainda melhor com a possibilidade de dar alguns passinhos extras no "spice" 🌶️ das descrições ? Bom, é isso. Foi mal esse feedback ta tão sem sentido, eu normalmente do meu review através de likes e corações nas postagens 😁, mas valeu a pena fazer esse aqui. Essa mudança que vc ta fazendo ta bem legal, e vale a pena dar o reconhecimento.

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